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Cellars & wines

"Vignobles et Découvertes" — the development of wine tourism in France

The independent winegrowers's practical guide defines wine tourism (œnotourisme) as “all tourist and leisure activities related not only to the discovery of wine, the vineyard and the vintner, but also the culture and heritage surrounding wine and its production.” The “Vignobles et Découvertes” label is precisely oriented towards this description. Our cellars are also labelled Caves Touristiques du Vignobles de Loire®.


"Caves Touristiques du Vignobles de Loire"® — a high quality reception, and a warm welcome

Under the guidance of InterLoire, theLoire Valley Wine professionals' association, with regional tourism institutions and the vineyards of the Loire Valley, 330 wineries have committed themselves to ensuring a quality service, easy access, regular opening hours, guided tours, free tastings in appropriate surroundings, and sales to the public. Some producers offer visits around the vineyards and cellars, or combine wine tasting with a tasting of other local produce.


A tour of Chinon-Bourgueil-Azay in four "Appellations d’Origine Contrôlées"

The originality of our wines is based on the incredible richness of our soil and the grape varieties used. Four world-renowned AOC domains are to be found here, namely Chinon, Bourgueil, St. Nicolas and Touraine Azay le Rideau. Whether red, white or rosé, our fruity wines all gather around a unique freshness and a great character.


  • Chinon

The AOC Chinon appellation is the largest red wine producer in the Loire, with over fifteen million bottles per year. The vineyard covers eighteen communities to the south-west of Tours. Over 85% of the production is red, with 13% rosé and 2% white.

The various wines of Chinon are grown on alluvial terraces, hillsides and limestone hills overlooking the Loire and the Vienne, or on plateaus of flint and clay.

The Cabernet Franc grape, the “star of Chinon” is unique and multifaceted, a true star capable of playing all the big roles — Chinon wines are both fine and powerful, strong and structured.

It's virtually impossible to talk about Chinon without mentioning Rabelais! The great humanist, born and bred in Chinon, left his footprint in the fifteenth century, a spirit of conviviality, sharing and joy which has lasted to this day. Culture in every sense!


  • Bourgueil

The vineyard of Bourgueil, classified as AOC by the decree of July 31, 1937, is located west of Tours on the right bank of the Loire. It covers seven municipalities of the Indre-et-Loire department, namely Restigné, Benais, Ingrandes-de-Touraine, Saint Patrice, Chouzé-sur-Loire, La Chapelle-sur-Loire and Bourgueil. It covers an area of 1400 hectares.

Different soil types are spread over three levels. Rocky islands emerging from the most recent alluvial deposits, high sandy gravel terraces (old alluvium), and limestone coast backed by forests.

The red and rosé wines of Bourgueil are vinified from Cabernet Franc grapes, locally known as “Breton”.


  • Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil

Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil is a vineyard in the Loire Valley which produces mainly red wines. Classed as AOC, it covers about 1050 hectares in the municipality of Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil, in the Indre-et-Loire department, on the right bank of the Loire. This small town is located on the route of the Grand Châteaux of the “Valley of the Kings”.

The red and rosé wines of Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil are vinified from Cabernet Franc grapes. They are elegant and bright and have excellent maturation in the bottle — up to 20 years for the best vintages.

It differs from its peers by its smoothness and the consistency of characteristics, due in part to the fact that it is the only red wine from the Loire that is vinified in a single municipality. Internationally renowned, the suppleness and finesse of its wines are truly remarkable.


  • Touraine Azay le Rideau

The temperate climate, so conducive to vine growing in the Touraine, is also to be found undiminished in the Ridellois. Situated at the confluence of the Indre and the Loire, this region enjoys both a mild climate and soils of clay mixed with sand, based on limestone formations — the ideal conditions. Wine has been grown here since ancient times, as shown by the Gallo-Roman wine press found in Cheillé in 1946.

Drawing from their flavours from the perfect conditions of the Ridellois, the wines of Azay-le-Rideau are mostly dry and semi-dry. The appellation includes six municipalities: Azay-le-Rideau, Cheillé, Lignières-de-Touraine, Rivarennes, Sache and Vallères.



Enter the authentic universe of our wine growers who will be delighted to share their passion, fervour and expertise with you in a friendly and totally relaxed atmosphere.